ISO 9000 Purchasing Requirements

1. Material Certifications and Documentation

A. Mill Certs (Material Test Reports)

  • Traceability to producing Mill Heat Numbers
  • Actual Mill Chemical Analysis for each Heat Number
  • Actual Mill Physical Properties for each Heat Number
  • Certification must state the manner in which the material is identified, including the specific markings, and shall be traceable to Advance Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. P.O. numbers.
  • Each item shall be certified as to the material specification to which it was produced, and free of mercury contamination.
  • Each piece of material shall be marked with its corresponding heat or lot number (not tagged).
  • Bolts and nuts 1 inch nominal diameter and smaller, and other products where the largest space for marking is less than 1 inch in any direction, need not be individually marked provided they are packed in packages or containers which shall be clearly marked with the part’s heat or lot number. Only one heat or lot number per package is permitted

B. Certifications must accompany shipment or shipment may be refused.

2. Vendor Certifications

A. Material Certifications

  • Vendor Certificates or Certificate of Conformance or Compliance to applicable ordering specs required on this material.

B. Certifications must accompany shipment or shipment may be refused

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