At Advance Industrial Manufacturing, we have a passion for steel, a quality that demonstrates itself in our work and our commitment to helping customers tackle challenging projects. We are not a traditional fabrication shop—rather than focusing on high-volume production part, we specialize in craftsman-style service.

By partnering with us, our customers know they can trust our team to meet their needs within their production restrictions. One such case that outlines our capabilities in these capacities is outlined below.

The Problem

The customer—Salas O’ Brien—came to us with an urgent request. The project entailed fabricating several pieces of a custom conveyor system, including conveyors, bents, platforms, stairs, chutes, hoppers, and more, and combining them into a complete and fully functioning unit. In addition to producing each of the numerous components needed, we had the added challenge of a strict budget and timeline.

The Solution

Due to our previous partnerships in past projects, the customer was well aware of our fabrication capabilities and capacities and decided we were the best fit for their needs. Our previous experience in the fabrication of custom conveyor systems and reputation for sticking to customer specifications (particularly in regard to time and cost investment), also recommended us as someone on which the customer could depend.

By assembling a top-notch team consisting of certified welders and weld inspectors, fitters, quality control technicians, and managers for logistics, plant, and project operations, we delivered the system on time and budget. Although we had not previously used Tivar or porcelain lining in the manufacture of chutes and hoppers, we were able to successfully produce all the components required for the system, including a conveyor stretching over ¼ mile.

The Result

At the end of the project, the customer was pleased both with the quality of our work and the knowledgeableness and friendliness of our team (particularly our project managers). Their satisfaction with our partnership in this project has since led to additional collaborations.

Quality Fabrication Solutions From Advance Industrial Manufacturing

At Advance Industrial Manufacturing, there are no two ways about it—we love steel! We know it, our clients recognize it, and our products show it. If you’d like to learn more about our fabrication capabilities, contact us or request a free project quote today. One of our customer service representatives will answer and address any questions or concerns you may have.

We Love Steel!

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