Advance Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. provides custom metal fabrication services for a broad range of infrastructure projects. We specialize in fabricating and welding custom metal pieces for medium and large projects based on customer designs and specifications. Our company is registered with the American Institute of Steel Construction and the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, and we guarantee fast, high-quality constructions.

Transmission/Distribution Substations

Transmission and distribution systems are part of the electrical grid and carry electricity from generators to consumers. These structures can be above ground or buried underground. Power transmission systems deliver large quantities of electricity from the main power generation facility to smaller, localized substations. From there, distribution lines deliver electricity to smaller end-points.

Transmission structures must be capable of handling large voltages without fail. Typically, these systems consist of tall poles or towers that create a highway for general electricity movement. Advance Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. can fabricate the lattice structural components to build efficient, reliable overhead supports. We also fabricate platforms, stairs, and handrails that make substations more safe to navigate.

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Secondary Services List

Advance Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. provides a wide range of metal fabrication and finishing services. We can manufacture, conduct secondary machining operations, and replace steel structural parts based on customer specifications. Our secondary services include:

  • Welding services
  • Emergency projects
  • Plate processing
  • Angle, Beam, and Tube processing
  • Assembling
  • We can offer Galvanized steel
  • We can offer Blasting and painting to customer specs

We strive to provide all necessary operations in-house so you receive your complete constructions faster and can be certain they meet your specifications.

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