At Advance Industrial Manufacturing, if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that we love steel. We offer a wide range of manufacturing services—e.g., drilling, welding, fastening, assembling, galvanizing, and more—for steel (such as carbon, stainless, and forged steel) and a handful of other metal materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Nickel alloy

Our passion for the metal drives us to meet the steel fabrication needs of our customers regardless of project size or complexity. Rather than manufacturing the same part over and over like a machine shop, our team of experts identifies unique customer specifications and proceeds to bring the idea to life through superior services. One case study that exemplifies our ability to handle high volume capacities and provide expedited turnkey fabrication and repair services in the shop as outlined below.

The Problem

The client—V&S Columbus Galvanizing, LLC—approached our team with a project involving the expansion of a natural gas liquefaction plant, known now as the Cove Point LNG terminal. As a galvanizing company known for its high-profile operations, such as the Hershey Park and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, we recognized the tremendous scope of the customer’s project. By taking on the request, we would be agreeing to undertake over 18,000 tons of galvanizing work to modify several large weldments across the span of the expansion operation, ultimately leading to the creation of the largest liquefaction expansion plant in the United States.

The Solution

Our previous collaborations with the customer on past projects highlighted us as the ideal project partner for the plant’s expansion. By choosing us, they benefited from years of custom metal fabrication experience and expert in-house welders and weld inspector. These two qualities enabled us to successfully modify the weldments, including where “out of position” and multi-pass welds were required, as per specifications.

The Result

The success of the project hinged on our expert team. Fully equipped with all necessary certifications, they ensured we had the knowledge and skills required to overcome the volume challenges associated with the plant expansion and maintain the strict project schedule without sacrificing weld quality. Upon project completion, these qualities, among others, demonstrated themselves such that the customer considered us a “true partner” and a critical element in “the success of the galvanizing of this project”.

Quality Fabrication Solutions From Advance Industrial Manufacturing

Advance Industrial Manufacturing has a passion for custom steel fabrication. Our years of industry experience and knowledgeable welding experts ensure we always deliver high-quality solutions. For additional information about our fabrication capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.

We Love Steel!

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